Saturday, November 28, 2009

Climate Change, The Big Lie - Carolyn Patterson

.. as some of you may remember or not... I believe in global warming and we've been down this road before talking about Al Gore ... ;) however! even with my Pooh brain .... I can not see the bad side of declaring global warming.

If it is a scare tactic ... what or whom does it benefit? The government? the people who sell ice? authors and well hells bells, there have been a billion diet books written and there are still us fat people.... and we know we're going to die ... if we escape those morons in Peru .. we might live a little longer...

I digress... ;) ... since the 60s ... I have felt that traveling as I did/have ... the smog ... the aerosol sprays, the asbestos, DDT ... crop dusting in general, farts from cows and males on their ATVs and beers and beans ... TEXAS .... if you drive down in some areas, the smell of oil will knock you over.... the fumes...

If you drive up in parts of Arkansas ... the smell of poultry and hog farm waste will knock you over ... rivers and streams and lakes that I used to drink from as a kid are now polluted!!! there are some creeks and streams that have signs posted ... not safe for wading! wading??? much less drink! that is outrageous! ... global warming or not ... outrageous human behavior and greed has caused pollution with years to recover and make clean again ...

...incinerators with toxic waste ... where's it going? to Mars? or dissipates in our lovely clean air? right. Even air can become stagnant ... the galaxy aint THAT far away.... ... you ever come upon a rubber tire fire? outlawed! bury them? along with the nuclear waste from hospitals and such? landfills are full of toxic waste. People in the country have burn barrels where they will burn PLASTIC! and whatever ... even old tires and such... while it is against the law? .... who's gonna prosecute their brother in law?

....we'll soon be in a closet ... earth will become a closet ... full of stale air and stagnant water and that aint good and that aint from a book or research or focus groups or studies or scientists or what all ... it's from personal observances ... I can't sit in a room with heavy perfume, cigarette smoke or stale beer smells... if it's not good for me... then it can't be good for our little planet, Earth... cute cute orb... all fresh and blue and green ...

....manufacturers everywhere with their smoke stacks and such had to have regulations .... clinics who test bacteria and kill them by burning ... smells to high freakin heaven and the nuclear waste and the animal killing for food waste and the wood fires in Colorado causing fires to be regulated in fireplaces .... it's all a bunch of thises and thats.

It takes money to fix polluters' pollution but it can be done and has been done in a lot of places. However, with a bazillion types of fumes and such flying off into the wild blue yonder it is shrinking the yonder!

Running water while brushing your teeth and flushing the toilet every 10 seconds because you disposed of a nose blowing tissue and driving your car for commute purposes a hundred miles a day ... one person instead of car pooling or taking public transportation. .

I could write paragraphs more of raping ... oh, my God... clear cutting the forests and filling in of tidal lands ...strip mining!!!! they stopped it here in the Little Rock area but not before those gorgeous hills that were my view every time I crossed the bridge were gone and replaced with hideous mounds of raped forest and hills! making the area subject to even more flooding ... oh, on and on... it has to stop .. or Mother .... good ol Mother Nature will stop it for us. Kills me to hear and see these mutli billion mansions built on coastal or mountainous land that doesn't want them there.

Animals no longer live where they are supposed to ... bees don't do it any more and birds and animals are becoming extinct and so on... pregnant women are advised not to eat fish! fish! for God's sake... fish... mercury poisoning... if the pollution makes us sick and kills us... then what the hell is it doing to our planet? bathing it in massage oil?

I think conservation of our resources are necessary as you all obviously agree ... but these are man made intrusions and I believe that Mother Nature will eventually have enough of it and send for Noah and his fireproofed Ark.... and well, we better just get ourselves a ... fireproof environment going ... maybe that's why that idiot whatever was shot to the moon to see if there's water ... have mercy.

Human's thirst for money is killing this planet ... from killing Toucans for their bills? good lord! and animals for their furs to chopping down this and that and putting in concrete parking lots and high rise apartment/office buildings ...

I can tell you that when I lived in San Francisco in the late 60s ... and went back in the 80s? The numbskulls who built HUGE skyscrapers on FILLED in land!!! changed the climate... yes they did ... I'm on my soapbox... I really do get riled at the beauty of this country being overtaken by f'kng greed! hate it

I think I would prefer the greed of someone selling firesuits and ice.... snake oil ....

Carolyn !

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  1. "If it is a scare tactic ... what or whom does it benefit?"


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