Saturday, November 7, 2009

Media Bias

Media Bias

Part of the perceived (although I admit the media is biased) problem is that things that Cons perceive as very important are ones that liberals do not.

When you sound bite Rev Wright. We check the content and come away concerned because Obama dis'ed the Rev. The Rev made many very valid points. Yes, he did exaggerate some for effect, but that is part of his job and we are accustomed to that from hearing the rantings of the honorable opposition.

Liberals believe that association with people of differing views is a good thing. We also remember the stupid things we did when young. Ayers was seen as a hero of the revolution, whether you agree with his methods or not.

We don't care if Obama is a Muslim or an Arab or where he was born. The anti-Christ thing was very amusing, though.

Politico, who purportedly tries to be fair, was very concerned about the allegations of bias and checked their stories. It was true there was an imbalance between positive and negative stories between camps. But the problem was that one camp was doing positive things while the other was doing negative things.

The fact that you think right wing radio and Fox News are fair and balanced might be part of the perceived problem.

News used to be a cost center in "the public interest" and if you presented one side you had to have an argument for the other side. That was the "fairness doctrine" which you fear so much even though I have yet to find anyone in favor of reinstating that.

It used to be illegal to own more than one or two media outlets. Particularly in the same market. Local media used to be truly local and served in the "local" public interest or a periodic revue could take their license to use the public bandwidth. Yes, it does still belong to us.

It is a fine thing that you now see the problem with the MSM, which we more accurately refer to as the corporate media whose purpose is profit. It looks like the "free market" is about to thin the herd.

America has always had biased media, but both sides used to be represented and and did not try to convince the public that they were "fair and balanced".

Obama once said he was in favor of breaking up the media monopolies, then wisely shut up about it. Right on!

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