Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daddy, Did You Get a Job?

Here, take this gold band you gave me,
Take it and hear my plea.
Get what you can then keep it as close,
As close as I've kept it to me.

Gramma found diapers in the attic,
We can use those for now.
Not yet time to panic,
We will get by somehow.

I close that door, turn to it my back
And carefully step over that crack,
Climb in the truck, look at the gauge,
Will that sliver of red get me back?

A salesman has got to be confident
And up beat and bright eyed to sell.
It's hard with this dark cloud around me,
And me is what I have to sell.

Better leave that ring in this bowl,
If I feel it in my pocket
while selling me to that man,
That black cloud will eat up my soul.

The Shiner at the bar tasted good.
Getting home on that sliver is tough.
Honey, not much for the ring.
The beer on my breath calls my bluff.

I step through that door,
a notice lays on the floor,
And hear my little man say,
Daddy, did you get a job?

It's Momma's birthday today,
And at Chucky Cheese I will play.
I'll win her a ring for that finger
that she has been rubbing all day.
Oh, Daddy did you get a job?

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