Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What do Conservative Mean?

What do Conservative Mean? A response to the attacks on the Liberal character

If a Con is eating a candy bar and sees you coming he will gobble it down so he does not have to share.
A Con will keep his gas tank empty so he has an excuse not to take his car.
A Con believes if you steal, you should steal from a friend because they won't prosecute.
If a Con comes to dinner you hide the jewelry. If the End is good enough they can always justify the means. (Torture)
If a Con loses his job he will collect unemployment. IF you need to collect unemployment he will tell you to get a job.
A Con will use Medicare and call for government to get out of health care.
If a Con had to walk across the desert she would drink all her water before she started for two reasons. 1. It is heavy. 2. She might meet someone else who needs some. (Drill here. Drill now) She will die of thirst and blame it on Libs for being too lazy to bring her some water.

A Con believes the first thing someone tells them and then spends the rest of his life defending that belief against all liberal facts. (Facts have a liberal bias)
A Con Believes his children should never learn anything his parents do not believe or think that they know. Hence, the attacks on education.
A Con is born a sinner and requires threats and occasional violence to behave.
A Con believes sending his neighbor's children overseas to dodge bullets is worth reducing the infinitesimal chance that he will have to deal with the threat personally even though he has a display case full of weapons designed to kill people for his own protection.
A Con believes cooperation is socialism unless you are cooperating with the competition - then it is called capitalism. <- Thx to Ron Autry on this one.

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