Friday, December 11, 2009

The Lessons of 9/11

"What would Obama have done if 9/11 had happened on his watch? Probably NOTHING!"

Right. Nothing except give a few speeches.
Would have saved us three trillion dollars. Thousand of lives. 4 1/2 million women and children refugees from Iraq having to sell themselves in Syria to feed the kids.

The CIA and FBI and the entire rest of the world would have found bin Laden and company and they would be rotting in dungeons some where and no one would know their names. Radical Islam would be shunned by everyone in every country as criminals.

If bin Laden was actually calling the shots they would have postponed it until a Republican got in office because they already tried to sucker Clinton into making them famous but he did not fall for it.

Thx to Bush he is world famous, gets funding and recruits from all over the world, had half the world thinking we are school yard bullies. Our military and economy is stretched to the breaking point.

So who won the War on Terror?

And the moral of the story is? We have been stabbing our "friends" in the back for many years, so it can't be that. It must be the money. Maybe it is "Don't piss off billionaires."

A friend has a brilliant employee he calls the "Persian Centerfold". I am not sure how she feels about that but her advice was get out of the oily sands. If you stop buying their oil they will go back to the lives they lived for centuries.

So does this mean that if Reagan had stayed with Carter's energy plan instead of pandering to Big Oil... It is all Reagan's fault! ;p

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