Monday, December 21, 2009

The Burdens We Bare (Glenn Beck)

Against my better judgment I am going to tell you what it is about Glenn Beck that pisses off libs.

Glenn beck is remarkably transparent. The aggravating thing is realizing that we have to share this country with so many people who can not see through his BS. Or simply choose not to see through him because they consider him a team mate.

It is not that he lies. Most media don't out right lie. They take a kernel of truth and apply gross generalities then obfuscation.

If I stub my toe on the the coffee table I am clumsy and by extension all libs are clumsy.

Obfuscation is distraction like a shell game. I point out bankruptcies from health care you say Van Jones.

If you took part in a peace protest in your teens you are a radical communist for life. The concept of changing your position due to additional knowledge and experience is foreign to people who once they pick a side fight till the death to justify that position regardless of changing times or new facts.

The bias is not in the facts. the bias is in which facts you choose, how you present them, the modifiers you use and how much weight you attribute to them.

Kermit is green.
Kermit the frog is green.
Kermit is a socialist, reptilian sock puppet capable of hiding in the bushes beside your front door due to his choice of colors. The very color of the sock he chose reveals his terrorist intent.

All frogs are terrorists and hate America.

All sock puppets and reptilians are evil socialists. They endanger your freedom.
The liberal media is trying to sweep this story under the rug. Why are they trying to hide this?

What they really want is control. They want to tell you who you can marry and they are coming for your guns.

They want to outlaw Christianity.

America rise up and rid our beloved country of sock puppets and reptiles. Chop down all the bushes and trees so they can't sneak up on you.

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